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About Stevo

Ever since the fifth grade when one of his best friends called him “Stevo” the name stuck.

Stevo grew up in Camarillo, California, and moved to Orange County after attending college there. From early on, Stevo worked at a number of jobs such as delivering bounce houses to families, delivering pizzas, and working at the golf shop at a local golf course.

In college, Stevo wanted to become a financial planner. After obtaining his life and health insurance license, Stevo knew he wasn’t cut out for the financial markets, and then discovered his love for marketing.

Stevo began his career by doing social media and then expanding into search engine optimization. In addition to working 40-hour-jobs, Stevo has founded and “failed” with countless business ventures throughout the years. While each fail was a learning opportunity, Stevo can remember countless business ventures that went no where.

In 2012, Stevo founded EDM Sauce and has helped excel it to be the leading EDM news website in the world today. In 2013, Stevo partnered up to manage both Kygo and Thomas Jack, but departed from the management group soon after.

Today, Stevo is still working on growing EDM Sauce, and is involved with countless music projects and businesses.